Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Hockey high among the greatest finishes

The Bleacher Report has been very, very busy, compiling a list of the top 100 finishes in sports of all time, offering up something for everyone, including hockey fans who find some thirteen great hockey moments among the top 100.

Some from the international game, some from the NHL, they offer up a cross section of some of the highlights of the NHL among the other sports that seek our attention.

Canadian fans of the game are going to find some room to quarrel with the authors, the list focuses for the most part on events that involve American teams either world or Olympic squads and those that play in the NHL.

It's a list that might make a Gary Bettman happy, but for those huddled across the line above the 49th there are more than a few serious omissions, well beyond the obvious miss of the Canada/Russia showdown of 1972.

For hockey fans, the trip down memory lane starts at number 96, with the 2008 Winter Classic shootout and a memorable goal from Sidney Crosby.

91 on the list is a regular season match between the Hawks and Flames, which saw the Flames take an early 5-0 lead, only to see the Hawks mount an amazing third period run to tie the game and then go on to win in OT.

Item number 83 comes from 1982, back when Divisions had famous names for descriptions, in this mount of fame, the Kings and the Oilers, with the Kings storming back to surprise the Oilers in Game three.

The Bruins and the Habs from 2008 makes the list at 77, a legendary game where the under rated Bruins kept their series with the Canadiens alive with a game six victory.

And the Habs win the Cup, the Habs win the Cup, moment number 72 showcases Yvan Lambert with the overtime winner in the 1979 Stanley Cup final against the Bruins.

Canada's International showdown with the Czech Republic grabs number 57, featuring the Czech's stunning upset of the Canadians in the shootout, a final set of shots that took place with Wayne Gretzky watching from the bench.

For Flames fans moment number 46 won't be so cherished, the beginning of the come back of the Tampa Bay Lightning with a win in Game six of the 2004 Stanley Cup playoffs, a series that Tampa won in Game Seven.

Bruins and Rangers fans with memories back to the fifties will look kindly at Number 26,  the pivotal moment of the 1950 Stanley Cup Final between New York and Boston.

Number 21 belongs to the Red Wings and the Penguins for their triple overtime thriller in game five of the 2008 Stanley Cup playoffs.

Sid the Kid claims moment number 19, with his game winning Olympic gold medal goal of the Vancouver 2010 Olympics.

Close your eyes Buffalo fans, Brett Hull's controversial 1999 Stanley Cup overtime playoff goal grabs spot number 15.

Bobby Orr's famous leap in the year was good for number 10, celebrating all that he gave to the game forever immortalized in that iconic photo from the 1970 Stanley Cup final.

The top moment of the puck variety however belongs to the final minute of the Miracle on Ice, complete with the now famous call of Do you believe in Miracles, holding down overall spot number six of the top 100 sports moment.

As always with lists, there's going to be debate and hockey fans in particular will take issue with a few of the misses. However, despite it's blatant short comings as a list, it's a handy review of a few of the great moments from the game.

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