Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Curb your enthusiasm Canada

In addition to the fine display of stick handling and fancy skating found on the ice in Raleigh this weekend past, there was much of the same at the speaker's podium, as Commissioner Gary Bettman weighed in on some of the pressing issues of the NHL at this all star break.

With the latest perils of the Coyotes making the rounds, a bond issues that seem to have raised a few eyebrows in the desert, the future of Phoenix as an NHL destination once again reappeared on the radar screen.

As is the case whenever an NHL franchise stumbles into financial troubles, the call of migration north is heard, with Winnipeg and now more and more often Quebec City touted as potential havens for the troubled assets.

This year those calls have been provided the added incentive of the quest for a new rink from the Mayor of Quebec City, who is putting a little bit of political pressure on the federal government to inject federal money into the arena project in Quebec's capital city.

Winnipeg as always stands ready to accept their wayward puppies back, the one time home of the Coyotes willing to forgive and forget if only the team would come back home.

Even the players have gotten in on the relocation talk, though clearly expressing a preference for Quebec City over Winnipeg (perhaps with an eye on post game meals and nightlife on their minds) giving Quebec the nod by a rather large margin as the most preferred relocation site.

All of which seems to have given the Commissioner cause to offer caution to his Canadian audience, once again reaffirming that the NHL is working to keep its franchises in their current locations, while seemingly giving at least a wink that, hey you never know what the future may hold.

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