Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Trade Deadline 2014

The NHL's General Managers just couldn't wait any longer, while the Trade Deadline Day is one of the more anticipated of dates on the hockey fan's calendar.

This year it has become a multi day event, the first hint that this would not be a nice and tidy television event, the Sabres and Blues deal of last week.

Followed up by a swirl of action on Tuesday, that saw a number of players change teams including the most discussed player of the last season, Roberto Luongo.

Who must feel as though he's won the Triple Crown, traded out of Vancouver in a mid-afternoon swap with the Florida Panthers.

The same Florida Panthers who traded him to Vancouver eight years ago, a team he had hoped to find a place with last year and now can settle back in to South Beach (or wherever the hockey fraternity puts down its stakes) and in as delicious a bit of closure, have the Canucks pick up fifteen percent of the salary every year til he hangs up the blades it would seem.

With all that drama having unfolded before Sportsnet and TSN could even get their panel assignments sorted out, we have to wonder what may be left to reveal through Wednesday's marathon viewing session.

Still, we imagine some drama will unfold as we weigh the needs of the still contenders (Welcome Winnipeg, choose wisely) and wonder as to which teams will wave the flag of rebuilding by the time Wednesday afternoon comes to a close (Vancouver where do you fall in that divide, contender? surrender? send us a sign)

As in the past we'll be live blogging through the day, our Trading Post Archive heralding the latest of developments as the NHL office sends out the  missives.

The NHL's Trade Deadline page can be found here.
The NHL's Trade Deadline Blog can be found here.

While the various portals of Canadian sports networks will be working at a feverish pace as the day passes by, with what we imagine could be a frantic pace, though time will tell if the blockbusters are still out there.

TSN Trade Tracker Page
TSN Trade Centre Page

Sportsnet Hockey Central Trade Tracker Page
Sportsnet Hockey Central Trade Deadline Home Page

Hockey Night in Canada Trade Tracker
Hockey Night in Canada Home Page

NHL on NBC Home Page

The Hockey News Trade Deadline Central

Our HockeyNation Trade Reviews will be provided below, Segment by Segment, as the Deadline ticks, ticks, ticks its way to the final horn.

Segment Five ( 3 PM ET -- Noon PT)
Segment Four ( 2 -3 PM ET, 11 - Noon PT)
Segment Three (Noon - 2 PM ET, 9 - 11 AM PT)
Segment Two (10 AM ET - Noon. 7 AM - 9 AM PT)
Segment One8-10 AM ET 5-7 AM PT)
Prelude to the Deadline

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