Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Trade Deadline action set to be delivered

Twas the night before trade deadline and all through these lands,
The fan base they were calculating, asking, who has the best plans?
The hours would drag, as they awaited the morn,
When GM's and agents would take to their phones,
The Sports channels all were reviewing their notes,
Anxious to delivers scoops and of course their votes.
Winners and Losers, salary cap hits,
They all will be reviewed, in so many live bits.
Grab a few zees,
Then a cook up the coffee,
The Deadline is looming,
Will the Deals be booming?

As Hockey fans await the official start of the Trade Deadline day at 8 AM, they may be giving some thought that the biggest of deals have already taken place. Twin shockers that see two of the highest profile goal tenders change teams.

Ryan Miller's trade to St. Louis of last week and Tuesdays seismic shift off Vancouver that sent Roberto Luongo back to Florida.

Moves that might be making TV producers just a little bit nervous as Wednesday morning approaches, fearful that the day will be spent, recapping the already completed moves, with little to show for Wednesday's marathon broadcast day.

We're short hours away from the prognostications and confirmations.

If the preview has been any kind of indication of what's to come, the main event may make for a memorable day.

As we have in past years, you can follow our HockeyNation Deadline Day coverage here. With updates through the morning and afternoon of this years anticipated deal making.

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