Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Trade Deadline 2014: Tick, Tock you're on the Clock -- Segment Four, The Final Hour

Sixty minutes, that's what remains for NHL GM's to wheel and deal, and for fans to shriek or squeal.

With a few big names making a move in the previous hours, the final hour of draft day still has much to deliver in the way of a flurry of trading activity.

As we cross over the hour into the home stretch, TSN is taking a peek at Paul Maurice's game day skate conference, with his update on the injury status of Mark Scheifele, Sportsnet in the mean time is still working the Canucks theme.

TSN moves on to the Canucks as well, exploring whether Vancouver has thrown in the towel for the season and launched the rebuilding campaign. All eyes await the name of Ryan Kesler to cross their portable devices, the one tantalizing offering that the Canucks have to offer.

Another Ryan pops onto the TV screens as TSN takes a moment to learn what Ryan Callahan thinks of today's trade that brings him to Tampa in exchange for Martin St. Louis.

TSN shifts to a short conversation with Matt Frattin now Columbus bound after a trade for Marian Gaborik today, with Gaborik now Hollywood bound.

Pierre McGuire makes a solid case for the Penguins making a bid for Kesler in Vancouver, reminding eastern conference fans, that any path for Pittsburgh to the Stanley Cup runs through Boston with depth at centre something Pittsburgh could use.

2:20 PM ET /11:20 AM PT
Edmonton swings another deal with Nick Shultz Columbus bound,  with Edmonton to receive a 5th round draft pick in return. (NHL Trade Alert)

2:25 PM ET / 11:25 AM PT
No need for anyone to bring a tire pump to Florida's next game day skate, the Panthers trade Tim Thomas to the Dallas Stars, with goal tender Dan Ellis on his way to join Roberto Luongo in Florida . A move by the Panthers that pretty well everyone saw coming about mid afternoon yesterday. (NHL Trade Alert)

TSN's panel reviews the Dallas/Florida deal, providing a seal of approval on the move (even if as they report Thomas reportedly not very happy with the trade). They suggest that he's a very good fit for Dallas and could provide the push the Stars need to make some noise in a playoff run.

2:40 PM ET /11:40 AM ET
Reports have the Bruins picking up Andrej Meszaros from the Philadelphia Flyers, a move with would deliver the Bruins another defenceman who once played on the Ottawa Senators blue line. Flyers receive a third round pick in return. (NHL Trade Alert)

TSN watching the clock, reminds viewers to hold on once the horn sounds, as some trades in the pipeline take up to half an hour to filter out.

TSN then turns to Marian Gaborik for a quick check in on his thoughts on his trade to Los Angeles.

Sportsnet's Strategy Room outlines the tension of the final minutes of the trade deadline, with a nod that some deals are probably in the works and yet to be confirmed, though for those teams that haven't had much success through the day, the final minutes offer up nervous moments as they seek to make a last minute move.

The frantic rumours of a Kesler move gets a review from the Sportsnet Insiders, with their suggestion is that any deal, the most recent destination was Pittsburgh, may not happen. They also express surprise that Mike Cammalleri has not been moved.

And the buzzer sounds... we await the last minute updates.

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