Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Trade Deadline 2014: Tick, Tock you're on the Clock -- Segment Two

10 AM - Noon ET
7 AM - 9 AM PT

We enter the middle innings of the trade marathon hours, where rumours begin to boil over on the stove while television hosts anxiously glance at their twitter feeds and instant message services hoping that something pops up to deliver them their scoop of the day.

TSN starts off the hour with an interview with Kevin Cheveldayoff, who provides an update on the status of Mark Scheifele and then reviews some of the options of the day for the Jets.

TSN turns its attention to Martin Brodeur and the prospect of his departure from New Jersey, Dave Hodge and the Reporters panel outline some of the factors of the possible end of his times in Jersey and where he may go, if anywhere. With the panel checking off the options for a goaltender in his golden years, seemingly but a few.

Ooooh, Ooooh, we didn't miss the Bryzy musical tribute after all, Bryzy in the land of Bears... only thing worse than a trade to Minnesota would have been one to the .... Bruins!!!

TSN's James Duthie gets the get so far, with a conversation with Roberto Luongo, reviewing the developments of yesterday, what Luongo made of it all and where he sees the future of the Panthers moving forward.

With the Luongo interview over we switch over to see what's up over at Sportsnet...

Arriving as a commercial kicks in... ominous music, clashing forces,  with one of those epic sombre voice overs...When Tyrants ruled the world????  What a documentary on Gary Bettman, oh, wait, Noah the movie.  Looks good, they should used that voice over however to introduce every trade today...

Ferraro and McGuire are back on TSN, looking at what the Canadiens might be up to today, with a particular attention being paid to the blue line for Les Habitants.

After the commercial TSN goes back on the Brodeur watch, expanding the theme to how many goaltenders may be available, with Jaroslav Halak and Tim Thomas apparently the other favourites to change sweaters today.

Sportsnet has turned to Jose Theodore to review the goaltending controversy (already?) in Florida, with Roberto Luongo and his soon to be new best twitter photo friend Tim Thomas set to share the duties (unless of course developments change by 3 PM Florida time)

Sportsnet launches the first of the percolating speculation that Marian Gaborik may be LA bound very shortly, the first of many unconfirmed reports for the day we imagine.

Sportsnet turns to the Strategy room to try and clear up the Gaborik rumblings, with little success. Instead they ask PJ Stock for some trade deadline remembrances... and a nation asks why?

Over on TSN, James Duthie is looking at the Maurice factor in Winnipeg, a nod towards the revival of the Jets playoff ambitions since Maurice took over behind the bench.

They now turn their attention to Martin St. Louis, with Bob McKenzie wrapping up his tweeting just in time to provide some background on the Lightning / Rangers discussions.

Some back tracking on the Gaborik to LA rumour, the proposed shift west is not a done deal as of yet...

TSN's panel examines the chemistry of Tampa and how a change at this time could affect their playoff drive. The prospect of St. Louis joining the Rangers makes for a lively discussion on TSN as they review his past history of tension with Steve Yzerman and what he would bring to the Rangers and what Ryan Callahan who is apparently the main feature in return from New York might provide for the Lightning.

Sportsnet has Damian Cox and Marty McSorley looking at the Gaborik to LA rumbles and what that could mean for the Kings heading down the final stretch of the regular season with an eye on the playoffs.

11:20 AM ET/8:20 PT
And the first trade of the day belongs to the Rangers and the Lightning, with confirmation finally delivered that Martin St. Louis is now a Ranger, with Ryan Callahan now destined for the Lightning, with Tampa also set to receive a first and a second round pick. (NHL Trade Alert)

With the first trade now reported, the TSN panel wonders if this finally brings upon the fast and the furious of General Manager phone calls to be made towards the deadline hour.

While they wait for further notifications, the TSN group reviews how the Tampa Bay Lightning have constantly remade their team, keeping them competitive and building towards a playoff run for this season.

The St. Louis discussion finally gives way to a look at the situation in Edmonton and what they may need to do today to regain their place in the listings of teams to watch at playoff time.

TSN's The Reporters Panel reviews the recent unhappiness of Martin St. Louis and the factors that led to his dis-enchantment with Steve Yzerman and the Tampa organization. The breaking point in the review of the panel the Olympic snubs by Yzerman towards his star player and his place with Team Canada.

The panel expands the topic to the pressure that NHL GM's feel from their work with Team Canada and the impact that has on their own teams, with the St. Louis issue the best example of how it all can go wrong, even with a Gold Medal to show for it.

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