Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Break out the foil! Goons on Ice is back on the Ice!

Please let this be the last mention of the Hockey Enforcers Battle Royale until the actual date of the fisticuffs. Prince George, BC city council under advisement from some legal officials has reversed its decision to ban the Hockey Enforcers card scheduled for August 27th at the city's CN centre.

With Mayor Colin Kinsley leading the way, the council gave a hesitant go ahead to the competition , which shall pit former NHL tough guys and those that think they were against each other on the shimmering ice of the city's hockey mecca. Kinsley himself was not particularly in favour of the skating slugfest but suggested that the city had no right to legislate what is good or bad taste as far as entertainment goes.

Those that were against the idea from the beginning are still against it, but with the prospect of legal challenges looming they chose to close their eyes and hope for the best. Councillor Dan Rogers blamed that old favourite whipping horse, the media for the controversy. Rogers claimed that the Vancouver media took the story and ran it to the extreme. An interesting comment from a guy that made his money as a television and radio sports guy at one time. Councillor Brian Skakun who spearheaded the move to stop the fights claims the Enforcers will do nothing to enhance the city's image and may continue to propagate the stereotype of Prince George as a redneck kind of town. Skakun was the lone ranger for a kinder, gentler Prince George as in the end he was the lone vote against the motion.

Needless to say the whole mess has divided the city from the Hart Highlands down to College Heights and out the highway towards Vanderhoof. But for Darryl Wolski it's all gold, as they say any advertising is good advertising and for Wolski and his Enforcers this has been the motherlode of advertising!

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