Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Over the boards in Belfast

Alan Maki has a wonderful little tale in the Globe and Mail about a Canadian software designer who has invested some of his working capital into the Belfast giants hockey club. Jim Yaworski put 1.5 million of his hard earned dollars into the Belfast franchise and now sits as a co-owner with the Giants all because he likes to collect hockey sweaters. His financial commitment and enthusiasm has also caught the eye of sports fans in both Northern Ireland, Ireland and the England.

Hockey is a relative newcomer to the sports scene in Northern Ireland and the Republic, ice rinks apparently few and far between. But the Giants are a bit of a success story in Belfast owing to their inclusiveness towards all fans. In a town where ancient and bitter rivalries can occasionally turn deadly, the Giants apparently have found a way to help everyone take their minds off of the negatives and join in something positive.

It's a nice story and a great tribute to a game which the citizens may know little about, but can find some common ground on for sixty minutes.

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