Sunday, June 19, 2005

What the kids are learning

It's been a pretty sad month off the ice for Minor Hockey in Canada, three separate situations have gone a long way to show that in some locales the fun of the game seems to be taking a back seat.

At the start of the month came word of a New Brunswick man, making plans to take his son's case against Minor Hockey all the way to the Supreme Court. All over an MVP awards snub three years ago.

Earlier this week in Penticton, BC a young lady took her case to the Human Rights Board after her minor hockey team had cut her from her team, replacing her with a boy. One who had a lesser rating than she did.

Now comes word out of Ontario of a young lad taking his Minor Hockey Association to Court for 10,000 dollars in damages. His situation stems from a 3 year old grievance against the Applewood Minor Hockey association. In his case an apparent problem between his father and the Minor Hockey officials has made his minor hockey experience less than enjoyable.

If nothing else the young ones are learning the litigation side of hockey. Considering the mess of the pro game these days, it's something that sadly may be just as important as shooting and skating

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