Monday, June 27, 2005

Goons on Ice (the phoenix like rebirth of)

It seems you can't knock this Darryl Wolski guy out, if half of his hockey combatants have his ability to take a punch the big show may go on all night.

When we last left the saga of the Hockey Enforcers, Prince George city council had voted to ban the show from the city's CN centre. However, after a bit of bravado from Wolski about lawsuits and with a suggestion from the police that the exhibition could find a way to fit into the Criminal Code, the on again/off again knuckleduster showcase may soon be back on again.

Mayor Colin Kinsley has stepped into the controversy by urging his fellow council members to reconsider their votes of last week and to bring the program to another vote at Monday nights Council meeting.

The Enforcers show has become quite the controversial issue in Prince George which is not quite used to being the subject of debate. Opponents of the Goon show say that it is sending a wrong message to young people and not painting the northern BC city in a proper light. Those in favour of the competition claim that the fisticuffs planned for the CN centre won't be any more harmful than what you could find in a Prince George bar on a Saturday night.

One would assume that Prince George must have other pressing issues to deal with these days, but washed up hockey enforcers will once again dominate the council agenda.

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