Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Sign on the dotted line already!

Well there is still no agreement to comment on, so the ole HockeyNation blog will be rather sparse until then. Really one can only comment on endless rumors and vitriolic outbursts for so long, before you start to yawn at the same old same old of it all.

So as we await the word from on high that the two sides have come to an agreement and the ice will be fresh come September we offer up these hopeful signs for hockey fans everywhere.

The Vancouver Canucks had help want ads placed in the newspapers this past weekend, a sign perhaps that things are close to finalization.

The leauge asked the BC Labour board to adjourn their planned hearings on union certification.

And once again it's Wayne Gretzky to the rescue, as the Wayner steps up to run Team Canada in Turin next year at the Olympics. If of course the NHL sends players (Good God even the boneheads running this league couldn't screw that up could they? Yikes I shouldn't ask questions I don't want answers to I guess!)

Anyways, we'll keep our ear to the ground and our eye on the net for any breaking news and hopefully soon we will be talking about actual Hockey news once again!

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