Thursday, June 23, 2005

Goons on Ice (The cancellation, again!)

Put away the road map of Northern BC, you shan't be needing directions for the way to PG today. Prince George city council delivered a knockout punch to the organizers of the Enforcers tournament. As the Northern BC city mindful of the perception of a home of barbaric fisticuffs decided that it was not going to put out the welcome mat for hockey's traveling band of knuckledraggers.

The Enforcers tourney had only just finished trumpeting its new locale when the rumblings of discontent started to become known from the citizenry. Subject to snickers from other BC communities such as Kamloops and Kelowna to name a few, the populace that don't like the idea of men on skates kicking the crud out of each other started to make a bit of noise.

For organizer Darryl Wolski it's back to the telephone and a search for a city, town, village or backyard rink where he might finally let his charges square off. Something that most observers in Prince George probably won't agree with. With a Pay Per view contract still dangling and the inevitable companion DVD and VHS products no doubt to follow expect the search to continue.

Wolski is obviously feeling the pressure with the latest setback, as he launched an attack on Prince George council claiming that they had given their city a black eye. But for these Hockey Enforcers the only thing cool about the whole project has been the reaction from those approached to host it.

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