Wednesday, June 29, 2005

JR's Spinnerama

Ah the last line of defence for the professional athlete, the ole I was taken out of context excuse.

Jeremy Roenick feeling a bit of heat over his they can "kiss my ass" quote of a few days ago has claimed that many in the media have not treated his comments fairly nor in the context for which they were delivered. He was particularly annoyed with ESPN who only showed snippets of his rant as opposed to the entire full frontal assault on all things hockey.

Regardless the reaction is almost as loud and boisterious as the quotes were, with many media outlets suggesting that JR needs to be kept under a gag order for the next little while. The latest outbreak of foot in mouth syndrome and the lack of any outrage by the players regarding the comments has many wondering if anyone has learned anything from the last year.

It would seem that in today's NHL, much like last years NHL, the fan is far, far down the list of valuable assets. A situation that will no doubt be repaid tenfold whenever JR and the gang get back to work.

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