Sunday, November 20, 2005


Can somebody please explain to me why Saturday night after Saturday Night, the rest of Canada must sit transfixed to the big screen TV, watching the Maple Leaf Nation's skating warriors. When did Hockey Night In Canada become Toronto Night in Canada? Yeah Ok, don't answer that I already know the answer, it always has been, but surely some forward progress can be made in 2005!

HNIC has followed the Leafs each and every Saturday night it seems, since the new NHL kicked off this 2005-06 season. We see so much of the Leafs on a weekly basis, I'm beginning to think I should be hitting the showers with Mats, Tie, Eddie and Bryan after the final whistle on Saturday nights.

You know I've heard these rumours that there are other Canadian teams in the Eastern half of the NHL, matter of fact I've even seen them on occasional Saturday nights, but then of course they were playing the Leafs at the time.

Tonight is a prime example of how this CBC House Team, has taken control of our clickers. The Leafs hosted Atlanta, which might be ok for a diversion but as far as end to end rushing and entertaining hockey, well geez somebody find us that well known offensive power the New Jersey Devils.

Oh wait, they were in Ottawa on Saturday night, a team that despite it's rather remarkable record thus far in the year, rarely gets to the national audience unless the Leafs game ends early. And well those guys in Quebec, remember them? Some team called the Montreal Canadiens? Well, perhaps the CBC knows something the rest of us don't. Maybe Quebec is planning on separating after all, so in order to cushion the blow were not to see any more Habs games (out of sight, out of mind). There have been Mobsters in the witness relocation program that have received more exposure across this country, than the Habs do these days.

Nope for Canada that early game has to be Leafs game, even if it's the lamest, most tedious game on the night's schedule, we won't be denied Bob and Harry and the quaint love affair they have with those Blue and White Bud boys.

Thank God the CBC at least rotates the western games, considering the NHL schedule makers love for Minnesota and Vancouver I'm not sure I could take that firewagon hockey on a weekly basis. The rotation of Saturday's between Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton works just fine, don't change it.

In fact maybe expand the idea back east. Hockey fans can find the likes of Ottawa and Montreal at the top of the NHL standings, too bad we can't find them on Hockey Night in Canada from time to time !

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