Wednesday, November 09, 2005

The portable lawsuit

The Steve Moore civil court case will be re-introduced in a Colorado court within the next two weeks. Lawyers for Moore hope to appeal the last ruling made in Colorado, a ruling that effectively threw the case out of the jurisdiction of justice in Colorado.

At the time of the decision, the Judge Shelley Gillman, agreed with Todd Bertuzzi's lawyers that the case belonged in a Canadian court room, owing to the fact that the assault took place on a Vancouver Ice surface.

Should the appeal not be successful, the plan is to then introduce the case to a Canadian court, most likely in Toronto which is where Moore lives. Many thought that it would be a case sent to a Vancouver court, but Moore's lawyers beg to differ on that count.

With the evidence readily available on video tape and played over and over again across Canada, the lawyers feel that the case is best held in Moore's home town. They probably believe that the case would not get a fair hearing in Vancouver as Bertuzzi is still a pivotal member of the Canucks and has a fair amount of support in the city over the situation.

They have until March of 2006 to make their next move and file in Canada if necessary, keeping an eye on locations where they may have the best shot at a ruling in their favour.

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