Thursday, November 03, 2005

Red Wings find a mark in an unfamiliar column

For the first time in a month, somebody has to post a 1 for Detroit, in the L column of the NHL East standings. The Detroit Red Wings watched Raffi Torres put away the winning goal at 1:51 of Overtime as the Edmonton Oilers beat the Wings 4-3 and put an end to the Red Wings nine game winning streak.

Chris Pronger broke out of a slump with three assists on the night, as Edmonton played a fast paced game, keeping with the Red Wings stride for stride for the full sixty minutes. Red Wing coach Mike Babcock, felt that the Wings came to play for the most part, but a few lapses were all it took for the Wings to find themselves on the short end of the score board.

The win for Edmonton will be a huge morale booster, having struggled in the early part of the season, the last couple of weeks have seen the Oil begin to get untracked and play the kind of hockey that many Edmonton fans felt they would see this year.

Defeating the Wings, right there in Hockeytown should go a long way to helping the Oilers to pick up the pace and the wins through November.

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