Monday, November 07, 2005

Not only does he pass the puck, he passes that hat!

Not content to be the set up guy for the Toronto Maple Leafs, Mats Sundin now takes on a new challenge, that of the set up and collection guy for Ken Dryden.

Sundin will be the co-host for a fund raising dinner this Wednesday for Liberal MP (and former Maple Leaf executive) Ken Dryden. The Dinner to take place at the Hockey Hall of Fame, will help to build up the election chest of the Liberal MP and with election rumblings getting louder each day it's as welcome as a power play goal in Overtime.

For only 350 dollars you can drop in for a bite and a chat with Mats and his pal Ken. Hockey or politics the topic possibilities are endless. It would seem the Leafs have made the Liberals their party of choice as not only Sundin will be in attendance, but so will current MLSE executive Larry Tannebaum. A sight that probably would have ole Conn Smythe spinning in his grave, Smythe was never particularly fond of the Liberal brand.

If the Leafs thought that they were a hated organization nationwide simply by representing Toronto in the past then things are going to get a whole lot more exciting. Just imagine when word gets out that the Leafs have a soft spot for Liberals. Maybe now we understand the new scheduling, the Leafs wanted to keep close to their constituencies, the two groups may have more in common than they thought! If current trends continue, there will be no votes and no fans West of the Lakehead.

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