Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Sidney takes round one

The showcase of the soon to be stars went as advertised on Tuesday night, and for those keeping score at home, game one went to Sidney.

Sidney Crosby faced off against the other high profile youngster in the NHL Alexander Ovechkin on Tuesday, and for the Penguins Crosby it was a rewarding night. Crosby picked up two points on some pretty plays as the Penguins edged out the Capitals 5-4, in front of a sold out arena in Pittsburgh. The Penguins capitalized on some defensive miscues in the first period scoring four goals only to watch the Caps come back in the third. It took a no see em pass from Crosby to Palffy to salt away the victory for the Pens and give the edge to Crosby in the debut appearance between the two young phenoms.

Ovechkin had a pretty good game of his own, but was limited to one assist as Pens goaltender Sebastion Caron held off Ovechkin's attacks time and time again. But he showed many flashes of greatness and leaves us all hungry for more.

Hockey fans in Canada did not see the debut, the NHL spent a good part of the last two weeks promoting this match up, but in the end it never made it to television in Canada. A situation which is too bad since if these two youngsters are going to be the future of the league, we should see as much of them as possible.

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