Tuesday, November 22, 2005

The future is now

Tonight the NHL showcases it's two top youngsters in a head to head battle, hopefully to be televised across Canada. Sidney Crosby and Alexander Ovechkin may play their hockey in lukewarm locations but in Canada the battle of the phenoms is gaining a fair amount of attention. The two meet in Pittsburgh in the first of what many hope will be years and years of competition.

The two players who were number one picks in the last two NHL drafts had best get used to the frequent comparisons, as both play an exciting style of hockey that demands attention.

While it's early yet, some commentators suggest that the days of Ovechkin and Crosby may be this generation of NHLers version of the Gretzky/Lemieux debates. The NHL can only hope that this proves true over the next ten years.

The league needs players to grab that spotlight from time to time, able to pull the game above the bar and put it on a pedestal for all to see.

I'm sure I heard last week that TSN was planning on picking up the feed of this game, yet a scan of their website shows no game scheduled. Perhaps I heard wrong (it's been known to happen!) and all my expectations will be dashed. Hopefully, the website info is incorrect and this game will be broadcast across Canada. If not there is always the NHL radio feature and those golden days of radio!

With these two explosive players gaining attention across the country, it would seem a natural fit for TSN. The buzz about Crosby and Ovechkin is that they are the real thing and are poised to take that next step in the NHL. It sure would be nice to see what all the chatter is about! Here's hoping my hearing was correct and that it's game on at 7:30 EST, 4:30 PST!

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