Thursday, March 01, 2007

Even in sadness Edmonton can jab at Calgary

Well maybe they'll heal in Edmonton eventually after all. With an unofficial state of mourning descending over the city with the trade of Ryan Smyth, the bitterness comes out with the knowledge that their pain will soon be shared and a familiar foe will be on the receiving end.

With the Oilers sending the face of the franchise off to Long Island, Edmonton will take some comfort from news due south. Eric Francis in the Calgary Sun was quick to point out that both Jarome Iginla and Mikka Kiprusoff will be doing the UFA walk next year. A situation which will result in most likely one of them changing uniforms before next year's deadline day. In fact a raft of big name Flames will be up for free agency in the summer of 2008, making for some interesting decisions for the Flames.

Daryl Sutter who is quite aware of the fate that will arrive on his doorstep next year, took time to throw a little love the way of embattled Oiler GM Kevin Lowe. Sutter said that hockey is a business. When asked how many GM's could make a decision as hard as Lowe's, Sutter replied at least two, Kevin just did and so could I.

Yes he very well could, but somehow you have to think that the Flames will do all in their power to make sure that Iginla doesn't become the deadline hour buzzer beater that Smyth did on Tuesday.

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