Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Tootoo's boo boo, costs him five

Jordin Tootoo's one punch knockout of Dallas Star Stephane Robidas has gained him a five game suspension. That after NHL Supreme Court Justice Colin Campbell reviewed the actions that led to the punch that laid Robidas out on the ice unconscious.

The incident in the Predators/Stars game of March 17th started when Tootoo laid a hit on Dallas Star Mike Modano, Robidas then skated towards Tootoo at which point the Predator reared back with a gloved hand punch that knocked Robidas out on his feet, falling to the ice in a heap unconscious.

Campbell issued a statement that in part explained his reasoning behind the five game suspension:

"While a player is entitled to defend himself, Mr. Tootoo's forceful blow to Robidas' head was an overly aggressive and inappropriate response. The fact that Mr. Tootoo's actions resulted in an injury to his opponent also was a factor in this decision."

Robidas injury will result in him missing at least a week of action while he recovers from the punch.

For their part the Predators said that they disagreed with the justice meted out by Campbell, but did not plan on any appeal.

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