Thursday, March 22, 2007

Kevin Lowe's worst nightmare

While his hockey team continues to struggle on the ice and throws up little in the way of resistance and skates threateningly towards an infamous team record of consecutive losses, there may be an ever more worrisome bit of PR for Oilers GM Kevin Lowe to deal with in the future.

Stan Fischler was on the Fan 590 in Toronto on Wednesday, appearing on the Chuck Swirsky program Fischler threw out the suggestion that once the season comes to an end, former Edmonton Oiler and current New York Islander Ryan Smyth, might be entertaining an offer from the Calgary Flames. A declaration that no doubt had the ears burning all the way to Edmonton.

How Smyth's expected salary demands would fit into the Flames salary cap requirements doesn't compute and Fischler offered no number crunching to feed the story.

In fact Fischler gave little in the way of background on his suggestion other than just to throw out the name Smyth and wait to see the face of Lowe. But he is a rather connected journalist and as they say, where there's smoke, there may be some fire.

So for now we can just float it out as a rumour, but if the New York based writer is right, this summer may be a very very long and uncomfortable one for the Oilers GM and the entire organization.

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