Friday, March 02, 2007

The Kings, take some Ducks to London to meet the Queen

The NHL will go to London, ready to check out Big Ben, Piccadilly Circus and who knows maybe even to see the Queen as well as to show the Motherland what this ice hockey thing is all about.

Los Angeles and Anaheim will open up the regular season on September 29 and 30 with two games at the O2 centre in London. The first time that NHL hockey has been in England since 1993 when preseason matches took place, but this will mark the first regular season games to be played in Europe.

The Kings Ownership group are the owners of the O2 centre and are bringing their team and the other Southern California cousins over for a bit of goodwill and marketing for the NHL.

We’re going out on a limb here, but we suspect that the Kings will be the home team; after all they seem to have the Royal jelly not to mention the uniforms.

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