Sunday, March 25, 2007

Saturday night’s alright (for second thoughts) for Fighting

The great debate over the place of fighting in the NHL entered the media mix master known as Hockey Night in Canada on Saturday Night.

In a pre game interview Saturday night with Ron McLean on the pre game show of Hockey Night in Canada, Colin Campbell provided some reflections on a sudden surge in fighting in the NHL and the possibility that the league will look into eliminating that particular part of the game.

The Fighting issue dominated a fair amount of the discussion both in the pre game and intermission shows, it was the featured topic on the Satellite hot stove and was provided with a special bit of attention provided by Don Cherry who not surprisingly gave indications that he was not in favour of a change in the rules and penalties regarding the ages old practices.

Yet, with a sudden bump in media attention spurred on by the numerous recent incidents of bouts of fisticuffs, ugly incidents and potentially dangerous injuries, the NHL is finding itself in the glare of a spotlight it might wish had not arrived.

A glimpse through some of the following articles will give you some indication as to where the issue of fighting is stacking up with the media. They also give you an idea as to what the NHL will be watching for as far as public reaction, and what affect that reaction may have to any plans that the league comes up with.

Philadelphia Inquirer--Recent injuries give rise to fight queries
Winnipeg Sun--Debates on big issue raging across NHL
Globe and Mail--Who really wants to see UFC on ice?
Edmonton Journal--Is it time for the NHL to finally KO fighting?
Boston Globe--Solution is short and sweet
Toronto Star--No shortage of views on fight debate
Sporting News--Don't forget past mistakes or make new ones
Globe and Mail--Fight On?
Toronto Star--Finally a step forward
CBC Sports--Taking fighting out of hockey would be wrong
Montreal Gazette--Players don't support fighting ban
TSN--Fighting debate renewed in NHL circles
New York Daily News--Fighting belongs in the ring
New York Post--Now, this is hockey
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette--Penguins don't fall into anti fighting camp
National Post--Senators coach rethinks fighting
Edmonton Sun--Someone could get hurt

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