Saturday, March 24, 2007

Hockey’s celluloid highlight reel features few entries

While the debate over fighting in the NHL reaches a new level of tone, it’s of interest to note that in a survey of motion pictures about sports on the moviefone website, hockey only made the grade with two attractions, one of which was a rather violent little thing.

The feel good saga of the American Olympic team of 1980 Miracle which appeared at number 21 of the top 25 and the brawling, bust a chop or two Slap Shot, which was touted as the 11th most important sport movie ever made.

Football, Baseball and Boxing seemed to the be dominant flicks as far as sports fans go, with a bit of hoops and pool thrown in for good measure.

Not sure what that might mean, other than possibly that the movie fan that likes the shoot em up westerns and crime thrillers, might just be the guy or gal in the seat next to you at a hockey game!

For Gary Bettman and Colin Campbell the spurt in fighting this season has suddenly become a major issue, and one they plan on addressing. Many are making their thoughts known that the day of the fighter in the NHL is surely coming to an end. Especially after the recent high profile incidents of the last month.

Though as nasty as thosae incidents have been so far, here’s proof that things could be worse, though it seems that judging by the votes that just might be ok with the public.

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