Monday, March 12, 2007

No migration pattern for Penguins

Kansas City, your back on hold. Houston you have no lift off and what ever it is that happens in Vegas won't be hockey in Vegas.

Reports out of Pittsburgh Monday night have it that the Penguins have reached an agreement with city, county and state officials on financing a new arena for the rising star Pens.

The long drawn out affair had literally been taken to the final hours, as the Pens began their magical mystery tour last week, looking for a new home for their team.

If the published reports are correct, that search is now off and the Pens will be in a new home in time for the 2009-10 season. Leaving once and for all the fourty six year old Mellon Arena once known as the igloo.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette was reporting that the Pens will sign a 30 year lease for the new arena, long enough for Sid and the rest of the Pen kids to age together in the city of three rivers.

Details and official confirmation are expected to be announced prior to the Penguins /Sabres game on Tuesday night. It's good news for the Penguins who can now concentrate on their playoff aspirations, but even better news for their fans. A long ignored group that have been dragged through the emotional wringer held hostage to the fates bureaucrats and private owners.

For them, this is the best possible outcome of all. Loyal supporters of their team, those fans have followed and support this exciting Pens team through the last few years, it's good that they'll receive the chance to enjoy what they promise for tomorrow.

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