Monday, January 14, 2008

Dead Men Walking?

The crypt watch continues at the Air Canada centre as, the media speculation in Toronto reaches a fever pitch as to the term of future left for John Ferguson Jr, Paul Maurice or both!

Considering the seemingly ineptitude of Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment to even come up with a statement of intent, one way or another, it hardly seems fair that Ferguson and Maurice should be forced to carry the can on this media mega storm.

Richard Peddie the President, CEO, apologist, etc, etc, of MLSE has said that he has nothing to say on the issue and won't comment until he does have something to say. Leaving Ferguson and Maurice to both twist in the wind, unsure of what’s ahead, or the direction the organization may be heading (providing they even have a clue themselves).

After the California disaster of a road trip, where the leafs went 0-3 in games and gave up fourteen goals, the names have been rolling in as to who may or may not be interested in taking over the Leafs in a last desperate bid to try and salvage a rather horrid season. A season which already seems lost, leaving only the planning for next year, the draft and free agency to pre occupy management’s time, if only management had some inkling as to who is going to be there to rebuild and re brand yet another list of expectations for the Leaf Nation.

The past weekend trotted out the familiar names of Scotty Bowman, Cliff Fletcher and Neil Smith as potential GM’s interim or otherwise, leaving the fate of coach Maurice to whichever applicant might be foolish enough to want to join up with perhaps the most dysfunctional team in the league. Glen Healy, Colin Campbell too have been murmured about in the last few weeks. While TSN decided to float a trial balloon on Monday afternoon, with a suggestion that David Poile might be interested. Poile is currently relaxing for the first time in about a year, after the three ring circus that was the Nashville Predators sale, so why he would want to take on something as sad as the Leafs mess is anyone’s guess.

One person that seemingly some want to see gone is Leafs' president Richard Peddie, an on line website called "Fire Richard Peddie" has been getting some increased attention, thanks in part to a link from the Toronto Sun.

Regardless of whether Ferguson or Maurice are indeed the ones for the job, the treatment that both have received in the last six weeks is beyond cruel. The lack of accountability of the upper offices at MLSE should make share holders and fans alike wonder just who is running the train and if they have any plans to find their way back to the tracks anytime soon.

If nothing else, giving an indication as to how long the torture will continue for both the GM and the coach should be the priority of anyone with a conscience and/or a pulse.

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