Wednesday, January 16, 2008

What Happens in Mexico, stays in Mexico?

Two days after they may or may not have had a short little chinwag with Cliff Fletcher, the Toronto Maple Leafs were officially given permission by the Phoenix Coyotes to talk with their former executive.

Fletcher, who was relieved of his duties in Phoenix, last year is still under contract with the Desert dogs for this year and next, without the proper protocol in place, some might suspect that the Leafs were tampering with someone on the Coyote payroll. Something that just wouldn’t be very nice, even if it did show unusual signs of direction from the team that has seemed lost for most of the season.

Of course, the Leafs being the Leafs waited until the suspected object of their desires was away on vacation to actually stir the pot, Fletcher has just begun a long planned Mexican vacation.

So if the Leafs are serious in their pursuit they’ll have to slop on the sun block, or up a couple of Tequilas and camp out at pool side on the Mexican Riviera before they find out if they have their guy.

We have visions of the faceless MLSE executives scrambling for their golf clubs and Speedos, ready to do whatever it takes, go wherever they must go to bring back the head (and other useful body parts) of Cliff Fletcher.

And if it all falls apart and doesn’t work out? Well just remember, that what happens in Mexico, stays in Mexico!

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