Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Is Emery on the edge of Senatorial extinction?

Just how many lives does Ray Emery have? That‘s the question bouncing around Ottawa office coolers, watering holes and school hallways today as the Senators mercurial goaltender once again tests the boundaries and patience of Senators management.

Emery arrived late for an Ottawa practice Monday in New York, not the first time that he’s been tardy, made a less than low key showing after the assigned start time.

Again, the Senators sent him away, his distracting ways becoming an apparent problem for a team that has been running hot and cold for the last two months.

The question now is has he finally pushed GM Bryan Murray into a corner, forcing him to begin to seek out another team to take on the challenge of Emery’s time keeping while not soaking Murray in return in a trade.

By mid-day Tuesday the Sens had fined their recalcitrant goaltender an reported fourteen thousand and five hundred dollars and the rumour mill was churning that Murray was seeking a deal to finally end the distractions.

Murray had given some thought to just sitting Emery down and bringing up an AHL goaltender for a few games, but that process became complicated due to the AHL’s all star break.

At the moment it seems that it’s a buyers market for goal tenders, not a seller’s market. All of which leaves Murray in a bit of a quandary as to how to approach his troublesome situation. No doubt mindful that there's probably no General Managers out there that are going to make his path an easy one, Murray will have to get creative to try and move Emery considering his growing reputation.

However, you do get the feeling that the wheels are slowly being put in motion for a move, most likely to a Western based team which wouldn’t come back to haunt the Sens until a Stanley Cup final should all the stars align in their proper orbit.

While Emery dodged a demotion (it’s doubtful that he would clear waivers anyways) and didn’t end up having to watch the game from the stands, he didn’t see any action in the Sens first game back since the All Star break.

Martin Gerber received the start and led the Sens to a 5-2 victory over the Islanders on Tuesday, while perhaps not the overwhelming favourite to be number one, for now it would seem that he’s being given the chance to show what he can do, while his partner Emery will be left on the bench to stew.

He however is nowhere near the boil that his coach and GM are on at the moment, tired of his approach to his duties and his relations with is coach, fellow players and General Manager.

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