Friday, October 31, 2008

Alfredsson gains a four year term in the Senate

It being a political kind of year, it seems only appropriate that Eugene Melnyk voted with his pocketbook to keep Daniel Alfredsson wearing red, white and black for four more years.

The Sens and their captain reached terms on Thursday, bringing to an end the short lived negotiations and making Alfie a very satisfied Senator at a reported four years at 20 million dollars.

The negotiations never seemed to infect the dressing room, as the Sens and their captain negotiated in good faith, ever mindful of the need to project stability for both the team and the fan base in Ottawa.

Alfredsson as popular a Senator as there is, most likely will be finishing his career off with the team that he joined upon his arrival from Sweden thirteen years ago. He has been the face of the Sens success (and their disappointments) for much of that time, a solid captain who never seems to get rattled despite the intensity of being the captain of the team in a hockey mad city.

While GM Brian Murray said that he hopes that there are more than four years left in Alfies tank, the thirty five year old captain is mindful that the years are ticking by.

With the Senators making sure he remains in the fold as he closes in on his forties, the only thing left on his agenda will be that Stanley Cup ring and the chance to lead the parade through the streets of Ottawa.

Something that Sens fans hope is shaping up to happen on this side of the four year contract, rather than on the closing side of the deal.

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