Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Canucks' pour cold water on Ohlund to Ottawa rumour

Considering the struggles that both Ottawa and Vancouver have had so far this season, it's not surprising that the two Canadian teams would feature high on the rumour mill for the first month of the season.

The latest percolating bit of speculation was that the Canucks were about to ship Mattias Ohlund off to Ottawa, apparently to be the answer to the Sens blue line woes and perhaps someone that could head man the puck out of their end from time to time.

The only problem however is that Ohlund 1) has a no trade contract and 2) the Canucks apparently don't feel like parting with him anyways, thank you very much.

Other than that it made for the most intriguing of rumours so far this year. Though the Canucks could settle his outstanding contract situation if they really wanted to be taken off the rumour of the day hot plate.

Ohlund is in the line for a contract extension and the lack of progress on that is keeping his name in play it seems for potential relocation.

Of course, Sens fans weary of the early miscues in the Ottawa nets and the disappointing final scores night after night, probably were hoping that any rumoured trade between Ottawa and Vancouver would be featuring the name Roberto Luongo.
Now that's a rumour that would get them excited in the Nation's capital, though it would most likely be one that would make Canucks' GM MIke Gillis' life a living hell on the west coast.

Vancouver Province-- Ohlund not going anywhere, but he'll need a new deal soon

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