Thursday, October 02, 2008

I feel like somebody's watching me...

Brian Burke will be humming that old classic Rockwell hit of the 198o's all season long, as word leaks out that the NHL will be keeping a particularly close eye on transactions conducted between the Leafs and the Ducks this year.

In Thursday's Globe and Mail, Tim Wharnsby suggests that with the always discussed possibility of Brian Burke taking up duties with the Leafs as GM next season, the league will be making sure that all player transactions are handled in the most transparent of detail.

Burke has been the hot rumour for Toronto ever since Cliff Fletcher was handed the keys to the executive washrooms at the Air Canada Centre for a longer period of time than previously anticipated.

The popular sentiment in Toronto is that it's only a matter of time before Burke arrives in the self described centre of our hockey universe, the NHL it seems is going to make sure he doesn't stock his shelves before he eventually arrives...

Looking over your shoulder yet Mr. Burke?

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