Thursday, October 02, 2008

He’s never met a microphone he didn’t like

Sean Avery is back in the news and he hasn’t even suited up for a regular season game yet, Avery appeared on the CBC’s “The Hour“, the nightly talk show with George Stroumboulopoulos and quickly reignited his feud with Don Cherry and provided more than enough food for the hockey world to chew on in anticipation of the start of the season.

As he gets set to provide his services to the Dallas Stars for this years campaign, he took some time out to stir things up back in the homeland of hockey.

William Houston of the Globe reviews Avery’s appearance in a story posted to the Globe’s website. In it he Reviews the many items covered in the wide ranging interview that went from hockey to fashion, to Europeans. Avery outlined some of his thoughts on the game today and the way it has developed.
He lamented the junior hockey system in Ontario and in his opinion, it’s emphasis on the game at the expense of education. It’s a response that will no doubt win him some fans who will welcome his revelations on the junior game, though we’re not sure that they’ll want him as their poster boy.

He identified the biggest pain in the NHL and it should come as no surprise that the badge of honour would be awarded to Darcy Tucker, who has had no shortage of discussions with Avery on the ice over the years.

He revealed that he interned at Vogue magazine in New York City over the summer, and appears to be prepared for the inevitable comments and questions to his manhood that his summer job will bring this fall, winter and spring.

But by far the hot issue of the interview will be his thoughts on hockey’s iconic commentator Don Cherry.

Outlining how he used to defend Cherry to the European players who in his words “hate Cherry”, he now seems to have had a change of thought about Cherry and his knowledge on hockey and attitudes towards European players in the NHL.

Describing Cherry as serving a purpose, Avery suggested that overall however Cherry’s perception of the game is limited, or as he so eloquently put it “he really does not know shit about hockey”.

You can review the interview on the CBC website and read over the many comments that are accumulating over his thoughts and words.

Ok Don, the puck and Mr. Avery are both in your end of the rink…

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