Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Perhaps counting to ten would have been a wiser option

"He must not like his pay cheque or something like that."-- Chris Neil commenting on the prospect of a suspension for Buffalo's Adam Mair.

What we have here is a failure to communicate it seems, or perhaps a little bit too much communicating...

Adam Mair needs to let things go from time to time. Mair's ongoing feud with Ottawa Senator Chris Neil has once again caused him no shortage of attention and trouble from the league office, this after Mair was involved in an altercation underneath the stands of the HSBC Centre on Monday night.

After Monday nights Senators/Sabres match up, Mair went charging down the hallway arriving outside the Senators dressing room, looking for Jarkko Ruutu and seeking to challenge Neil to continue with their discussions of the nights activities. An evening of hockey that ended up on a vibrant note as Neil, Mair, Jarkko Ruutu and Patrick Kaleta all received 1o minute misconducts for their inappropriate actions towards the end of the game.

Much of the trouble developed after Mair went after Ruutu on the ice over what he believed was a questionable hit.

Not content with his quest for on ice justice, Mair was caught on NHL Network cameras pounding on the Senators door demanding that Neil come out and er, play.

The NHL has not announced any suspension for Mair yet, but it's anticipated that the announcement is on the way, past precedent seems to have set the suspension bar at two games, providing Mair with the opportunity to perhaps enjoy some relaxation tapes or grabbing a good book about controlling your inner rage.

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