Thursday, October 02, 2008

Headlines of October 2008

The training camps are almost done and the regular season gets a kick start in early October before launching for real at mid month. We track the day to day items or October here.

October 31-- Canucks win a marathon
October 30-- Crosby injured during Pens' loss to Coyotes
October 29-- Plunging dollar gives sports leagues a currency conniption
October 28-- Thomas on shutout streak as Bruins beat Canucks
October 27-- Buffalo to host world juniors
October 26-- Leafs a surprise success so far
October 25-- Canucks' power play comes to life
October 24-- Busy day on tap for NHL
October 23-- Falling loonie has Canadian NHL teams worried
October 22-- Shakeup doesn't help Sens
October 21-- 2 in T.O.?
October 20-- Yzerman has embarrassment of riches for 2010
October 19-- Quenneville wins first with Hawks
October 18-- Crosby's four-point magic too much for Leafs
October 17-- Kiprusoff’s slow start is worrisome for Flames
October 16-- Blackhawks fire head coach Denis Savard
October 15-- Hollweg apologizes to teammates but defends hit
October 14-- Frost pleads not guilty
October 13-- Rangers prospect Cherepanov dies during game
October 12-- Oilers open season on winning note
October 11-- Habs bring Leafs back to earth
October 10-- The giant sucking sound
October 9-- Bourdon honoured with 'Wall of Dreams'
October 8-- Palin to drop puck
October 7-- Line dancing in Calgary
October 6-- Hodgson heading to OHL home
October 5-- Rangers leave Prague undefeated
October 4-- Pens down Sens in OT
October 3-- Real tempting to get excited over preseason
October 2-- Alfredsson returns home a winner
October 1-- Predators owners sue Boots

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