Monday, February 27, 2006

And not a Bruin was in sight!

NHL legend Guy Lafleur ran into some trouble on his South American vacation last week.

Lafleur, his wife and fellow traveling companions were attacked by a group of thugs on motorcycles while traveling in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Lafleur was sucker punched by one of the threesome who had designs on his wrist watch, the thug didn't get the watch but left Lafleur with a black eye.

The group were ambushed when they got off of a shuttle bus, with Lafleur's traveling companions losing a wrist watch in the altercation. Lafleur described the sudden hit as similar to the old days of the games against the Big Bad Bruins, when anything and everything could happen at any given time.

The incident was not reported to police as Lafleur and his entourage wanted to move forward and make their connections. But probably in the back of his mind Lafleur is wondering where Stan Jonathon and Terry O'Reilly might have been seven days ago!

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