Thursday, February 02, 2006

Drop the gloves, but drop the dance too!

The powers that be in Junior Hockey in Ontario are getting tired of the preliminary rituals involved with the dropping of the gloves. Fighting always a controversial part of hockey is getting a bit of a bad rap in the Ontario League as would be combatants become more and more like participants in a WWE Pay per View event.

It seems that the actual fighting in the OHL isn't near as long as the dancing, mugging and inviting, which makes folks wonder why the combatants are bothering in the first place.

Things have apparently gotten so bad, the officials are being told to break up the fights before they even get started if the situation becomes in danger of needing a promoter.

There will be no more of the tossing of helmets, tussling of hair, yapping back and forth and shadow boxing. Honest frustration will be allowed an outlet it seems, but the cartoonish behavior of late is firmly prohibited.

As Morris Dalla Costa puts it on the Canoe site, lately hockey preparations in the Ontario league resemble activities more like getting ready for a date than for a fight. Needless to say those that participate in the fisticuffs are not in favor of a strict dance card code, but the league is adamant that the game will speed up, if you want to dance head for a night club.

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