Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Hasek has no answers!

The Dominator was a talkative fellow on Tuesday, yet he didn’t have much to say. The Ottawa Senators goaltender, Domenic Hasek made his first appearance in Ottawa since returning from his injury shortened stay at the Olympics and his words were not exactly reassuring for the Sens faithful.

Hasek said he had no idea when he might suit up again for the Sens, having had the Senator doctors examine his injured abductor thigh muscle the Dominator wasn’t hopeful of an early return. The team doctor, who also appeared at the press conference, gave little indication as to the time frame for recovery, though he did offer up a “he’s progressing nicely” to the crowd, which doesn’t exactly calm the shattered nerves of the Senators faithful.

Ottawa plays Pittsburgh in their first post Olympic game, one which Hasek doesn’t think he’ll be appearing in. The developments must be a worrisome thing for GM John Muckler, who now must decide what will be the best course for his Senators who felt that this was the year for the Stanley Cup run. The trading deadline is fast approaching, so it will be interesting to watch what direction the Sens move in now that the Dominators once again finds himself injured at a key stretch of a season.

These are the decisions that GM’s earn those six figure salaries on. Muckler is going to earn every cent of his over the next couple of weeks.

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