Sunday, February 12, 2006

Should I stay, or should I go.

Wayne Gretzky should fire up his iPod and click, click, click to The Clash, to help him make up his mind we offer up the classic track from Combat rock. The Gretzky debate rages on in the media, below the two sides make their case; some for, some against the Great one making the trek to Torino.

The Prosecution

Scandal plagued Grezkty should stay home-Fox Sports
Gretzky should stay home and let the games go on-Stephen Brunt
What now; Gretz? Time to step aside--Steve Simmons
Gretzky's Scandal will overshadow the games-Tim Dahlberg
Gretzky's should do Canada a favour and stay home-Bryan Burwell
A pass here would be Gretzky's Greatest-Jeff Jacobs
Fall from Grace-Art Spander
The Gretzky Olympics-Steve Simmons

The Defence

Cherry and Davidson jump to Gretzky's defence-CBC website
Give Gretzky the benefit of a doubt:Gilhen-Bob Holliday
Gretzky won't be a distraction, COC president says-Larry Lage
The Golden Gamble-Damien Cox blog
For now, Gretzky belongs in Turin-Damien Cox
Gretzky's friends say he's Mr. Clean-Canadian Press
Muckler sticks up for Gretzky-Ken Warren
Good for Gretzky-Bob McKenzie
Still the Canadian Idol-Newsday
Team Canada needs Wayne-Robert Howard

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