Monday, February 27, 2006

Success has many fathers, failure it seems is an orphan!

Two Team Canada's will return to the homeland today, the hockey version arrives back in Canada and the welcome home is expected to be a quiet affair, family and friends will greet the plane upon its arrival. Missing will be the wild eyed zealots that traditionally greet the arrival of conquering heroes, of course this years entry in Olympic hockey didn't quite reach the hero status, the early exit from the competition secured their trip home without medals and apparently without fanfare.

For the most part they understand the disappointment of their fans, as Martin Brodeur put it, "Expectations are high and the players that are playing for these teams feel it every time they put their jerseys on."

But if there is a lack of passion for their result, the complete opposite reaction will greet the medal winners and the rest of the very successful Canadian team. As the planes start to land later today, the reception is expected to be gleeful and celebratory. A tribute to an Olympic team that met many expectations and indeed exceed many others. They are fully deserving of the spotlight as they return home, receiving the type of welcome that used to be the destiny of various hockey teams returning home from battle.

We're pretty sure that this current Men's hockey team won't begrudge them their moment in the Sun, they probably only wish they too could have contributed to the tone of the medals and the celebrations.

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