Monday, February 20, 2006

The Gold Standard for Women's Hockey!

It was a repeat in Torino for Canada's Women's Hockey Team, as they collected Gold on day 10 of the Olympic Games.

The Canadians once again dominated the play, as they defeated a surprising Swedish squad by a score of 4-1.

For the length of the women's hockey tournament it was the Canadians who set the pace and provided the standard for other nations to aim for, and to no one's surprise they were the ones to collect their medals of gold at the end of the game.

Their arch nemisis the USA were winners of the bronze with a defeat of the Finns in the early game on the final day of the Olympic Tournament. For the Swedes this was a moment of great achievement as their women's program gained a sense of parity with the bigger hockey powers of Canada and the USA.

The Canadian victory came on a day of many near misses for medals on the slopes and upped the Canadian medal count to fourteen. Three gold, six silver and five bronze.

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