Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Forgotten on the information highway

Those that watched the Super Bowl probably paid a fair amount of attention to the commercials throughout the game. One group of folks that should have been taking notes was the Public Relations department at the NHL.

ESPN debuted some ads designed to give sports fans a fix for their favourite sports on Mobile ESPN. The two commercials which aired during the Super Bowl were fast paced twenty second spots that featured what seemed like every sport in the world, well almost every sport in the world. Missing from the montage of athletic endeavors was anyone wearing skates or carrying a hockey stick.

Mobile ESPN mobile will tell you the latest about fencing, fishing, surfing and skateboarding. We can follow the stories of gymnastics, baseball, football and hoops, bowling and cycling and moto cross guys doing loops.

Everything it seems but a puck, some ice and guys on blades.

The parting of the NHL from ESPN this past summer was apparently not a happy occasion, but ESPN has bounced back and found some new loves and isn't shy about showing them off, Gary had best get on his mobile phone and make amends.

Hell apparently has no greater fury than a cable network scorned.

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