Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Curtis with the saves

Everyone is talking about a Curtis named Joseph in Edmonton these days, as rumors begin to gather steam that Cujo may end up an Oiler by the trading deadline. But Wednesday night the only Curtis on the minds of the Oilers was a guy named Sanford.

The St. Louis Blues goaltender was a one man show as he stymied the Oilers time and time again on the way to a hard earned 4-2 victory. Sanford faced 37 shots in the Blues net, but left the Oilers shaking their heads on 35 of them as he held the fort and secured the win.

The Blues only could muster 12 shots on the collection of Oiler goaltenders to see action in the game, but when one in every three is going in for a goal it's quality not volume that seems to count. Blues goal scorers included Scott Young with two, Keith Tkachuk and Jay Mclement with one each on the way to victory.

Oilers Goaltender Jussi Markenen did not do much to quell the Cujo rumors with a shaky night in the Oil net, back up Mike Morrison was called upon to face the last two shots of the night on the way to the Oiler defeat.

With the trading deadline coming up in one week, goaltending has been identified as kind of an achilles heel for this Oiler club, Wednesday night certainly showcased the problem quite nicely. With the Phoenix Coyotes struggling and destined for another year of no playoff action, many think that bringing Curtis Joseph back to Edmonton makes perfect sense.

If that isn't in the cards by next week, maybe the Sanford guy will be up for grabs. He's proven he can stop the Oilers, maybe he could stop for them as well!

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