Sunday, March 12, 2006

Rink of Dreams

It's just one of those competitions that your average Podunkian can't take part in, the freezing season being what it is around these parts. But four hours inland and it's a whole different world and a championship one at that!

The John Taylor family of Smithers, are the big winners of the Home Depot backyard rink contest. The Taylor’s constructed a monument to back yard hockey with their rink and shack project, no doubt the envy of the neighbourhood.

For their troubles they have won tickets to the Stanley Cup finals, which still give them a bit of time to enjoy the rink. By the time the playoffs roll around, the Taylor rink will probably have turned into a baseball or football park. But for now it's the rink to beat above the 49th.

All the glory and prizes are not bad, considering there’s nary a Home Depot for four hours away from the town.

If you’re passing through Smithers over the next couple of weeks, bring your skates you never know maybe you can share in the Taylor’s rink of dreams.

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