Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Quinn Watch continues

He may have dodged a bullet with Tuesday night's win over the Canadiens, but to many in Toronto it still is time to hand the Leafs over to a new charge hand.

Mike Ulmer in the Sun on Tuesday, suggested that it's time to implode this Maple Leaf experiment, sending the bulk of the line up off in different directions by the trade deadline on Thursday.

After that, Ulmer says that the team of youngsters and up and comers should be schooled under the tutorship of Paul Maurice. A young coach to teach a young team.

While his team is still in a playoff hunt (all be it on a tenuous plank that seems to be teetering) it seems that most in Toronto have decided that regardless of the effort, the Leafs will be gone from the hunt by the first round should they actually make the playoffs. Better they say, to pick up some players and picks and plan for better days.

Days without the long time Leaf legend in charge. Quinn's been down this road before, though not with his team flaming out in such spectacular style. And that's something that the Leafs may wish to consider before handing him his pink slip, while there have probably been a few bad decisions made on the bench over the last three months, the bulk of the problems have developed between the boards on the ice.

Accountability needs to be shared in Toronto, from the front office to the fourth line on the ice, not just at the feet of the head coach!

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