Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Muckler explained

The quiet GM of last weeks trading deadline has explained his methodology at deadline time to the Ottawa Sun's Chris Stevenson.

John Muckler said he feels he already has the players required to make the run for Lord Stanley's Mug, the battle tested young veterans still seething over those playoff losses in years gone by.

While picking up a veteran such as Mark Recchi seems like a lost chance to many Sens fans, Muckler says not necessarily so. He feels that he already has that leaderhsip in his dressing room with the current crew and believes they will rise to the challenge whent he playoffs get under way.

He also has kept an eye on the future, which is why he chose not to trade off Zdeno Chara or Wade Redden during last weeks swap and shops. He says it's up to those two players to decide if they wish to stay with the Sens, but for the most part he will do what he can to make sure they remain part of the plan for a few more years to come.

The only move he made last Thursday was to pick up Tyler Arnason, an underperforming centre from the Black Hawks who is still young and learning his ropes. Perhaps re-locating to a classroom such as what the Sens have to offer will only prove beneficial for the youngster, who now finds himself about as far removed from the situation in Chicago as a player can get.

Once again this is the year that many expect the Sens to make the long awaited run for the Stanley Cup. The usual impediment of the Maple Leafs seem to be stumbling out of the playoff race, so that's one problem that won't pop up this year.

If Muckler is right and this is the group that has the skill, desire and work ethic to succeed, then that Stanley Cup parade day is going to be day to remember in the capital. His quote to put on the bulletin board was a simple one "Just get the job done". Five key words and a sentiment that all Sens fans hope is fulfilled by the time June rolls around!

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