Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Oilers strike on deadline eve

The Edmonton Oilers made the first move as their fellow NHL brethren prepare to wheel and deal on Thursday's deadline day.

The Oil picked up the veteran goaltender that everyone says they need, as they put together a deal with the Minnesota Wild, bringing Dwayne Roloson into the Oiler fold, at 36 its hoped that Roloson will bring some stability to the back end that has caused GM Kevin Lowe some wild nights up in the Oiler box. It's an interesting trade, in that it goes against the traditional wisdom of trading with a team within your conference. The Wild trail the Oilers for a playoff spot by seven points, so it's unusual to see a helping hand provided by a team in a dog fight for a playoff spot.

The Oilers gave up a draft pick for Roloson and will have to surrender future considerations should Roloson sign on for the long haul in Edmonton. The former Wild goaltender found himself shunted to the back up spot in Minnesota, when Manny Fernandez was given the new deal for the big money.

Leaving Edmonton's crowded if unsuccessful goaltending scene is Mike Morrison who was put on waivers earlier in the day prior to the Roloson signing. It's expected that Roloson will be carrying the load for the remainder of the season for the Oilers.

By only giving up a draft pick, the Oilers allow themselves to remain in the hunt for any other missing ingredients that Lowe feels he can find on deadline day.

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