Thursday, March 09, 2006

Observations of the Trading Floor (Segment Two 7-9 am)

Two hours since our last update and here’s what’s been happening, I had some coffee, a cup of yogurt, made the school run observing that folks around here don’t drive well in the snow and ice, thinking of having a shower... oh yeah, the hockey.

Well, judging by the action at the Trading central desk, my day has been a hell of a lot more exciting than the 30 GMs have had thus far.

At 7:15 Todd Simpson joined his third Canadian team in his career getting shipped from Chicago to Montreal.

TSN calls upon Dave Hodge and his Reporters crew to add some zip to the show, they focus in on the big question everyone seems to have, what is going to happen with Todd Bertuzzi. Dave Hodge, Steve Simmons, Michael Farber and Damien Cox set the scene for what they see for the day. Simmons pretty well guarantees that Canuck coach Marc Crawford will never talk with him again; suggesting that the Canucks while divided up into groups of Nalsund/Bertuzzi and the all the rest, united only in a common serious hatred of their coach.

Things move along and by 7:50 Brad Lukowich has found a new hockey home, he changes from Islander unis to Devil ones, it’s a longer commute but a shot at the Stanley Cup.

For what it’s worth, TSN had the deal about two minutes before Sportsnet announced it, but then Jim Kelly was in full flight and he’s far too entertaining to interrupt for a minor trade.

Kelly was busy explaining that some teams may make deals today just to keep the folks in their market interested for the rest of the season. That makes for an interesting concept for the new NHL, keeping the suckers on the line as long as possible each year. (everything old is new again!)

Over at TSN its economics’ 101. Carry the five, add seven, and divide by 2. Frank Provenzano, described as TSN’S capologist, explains how GM’s now require Grade five math to conduct business and keep their jobs. Somebody check on Mike Milbury’s grade point average please.

Dave Hodge and his gang are back for some more character assassination, duck and cover Marc Crawford! Actually they discuss how moving the trading deadline forward a couple of weeks may account for the scarcity of trades thus far. Cox, Simmons and Farber bicker back and forth for five minutes, without actually explaining how it makes a difference one way of the other.

Breaking news from Toronto, Ed Belfour has attended practice! We can’t wait for the news that Eddie has taken a shower followed up by Eddie has had lunch.

At Sportsnet they're discussing great GM’s of the past and the deals they’ve arranged. Pollock, Torrey, Sather, Bowman and Imlach all are praised as astute judges of talent and master traders. They then turn to former Toronto GM Gord Stellick for analysis, which is about as close to the greats as he’ll ever get. Talk about 700 degrees of separation.

Scott Morrison and Jim Kelly join Stellick in examining the traits of the greats. Surprisingly nobody mentions Mike Milbury during the five minute segment.

Sportsnet joins in on the leaf watch with the bulletin that Darcy Tucker has not made it to practice. Stop the presses!

Back at TSN’s its another economics lecture, as they examine the realities of the new NHL economy, the Canadian dollar and how it all may help out the Edmonton Oilers by the deadline in three and a half hours.

Somewhere between my travels to school and back the Vancouver Canucks make news, no they haven’t moved Todd Bertuzzi, nor ordered a hit on TSN’s Steve Simmons’s but they have picked up Sean Brown from the New Jersey Devils.

The theme of the day so far is journeymen defencemen and the places they will travel to next!

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