Thursday, March 09, 2006

Observations of the trading floor (5 -7 AM)

Hmmm, 5 am wake up call, as I try to find the alarm button so as not to wake up the rest of the house I’m wondering what spectacular blockbuster will greet me as I head down to the trade bunker. I'm also wondering what the hell I was thinking when I figured I should be getting up so early.

Safely navigate the stairs, fire up the television and sit back in a still somewhat sleep deprived haze. What does Gary Bettman have against the West coast anyways, who the hell expects anyone to make trades at 5:15 in the morning, judging by the lack of action nobody. Sit back and wait for the TSN Deadline desk to flood my tv with trade nuggets.

This is not a good sign, highlights of the games last night, the folks at TSN replay that stupid bird footage from the Washington/Pittsburgh game for the millionth time, I find myself thinking sleeping in might have been a smarter choice.

Ten minutes to six, decide it’s time to put some coffee on, sure hope I don’t miss anything while I’m grinding the beans and pouring the water,

Ok, so we’re at 6 am now and other than Pierre McGuire working his blackberry and Bob McKenzie flipping down the screen to his laptop every time the camera shows him (what’s he doing playing solitaire or something) there’s not much action here. The boys recap yesterdays big trade between Montreal and Colorado where they reprise the days of Patrick Roy heading west, uh, not to bash Jose Theodore’s ego or anything, but this isn’t quite in the same league here, somehow I just don’t see Jose leading them to the promised land right away.

Oooh, Ken Klee got traded yesterday lets discuss..…….. ok, discussion finished.

Try the Sportsnet trade centre for a few minutes, maybe they have the pipeline today, the leads, the trades the analysis, nope, more highlights hey look, it’s that bird again. Geez maybe somebody should make a trade for that pigeon he/she sure logs a lot of ice time

Back at TSN the panel continues to try and make silk purses out of what is so far a collection of sow’s ear, so far the sow’s ear has the lead.

Wait, wait the crawler at the bottom lists a trade… Dateline Edmonton, ok here we go, some action! Hmmm, Edmonton Eskimos have traded away Kwame Cavil, reuniting him with his old buddy Jason Maas in Hamilton, well that should help the Ti-Cats in the scoring department, the Eskies load up on draft picks, maybe Pierre and Bob can explain how this strengthens both teams.

Ten to seven, things are desperate at the sportsdesk, time to bring out something to keep the crowds attention, highlights of Canada’s victory over the USA in the World Baseball classic, on any other day this probably would have been the lead story on every sportscast. If things keep going the way they are, it actually may be the lead story on every sportscast.

Ok, two hours have gone by with nary a trade to dissect, they’re telling us that history suggests that this will be a very busy day. Judging by the looks on the faces of McGuire and McKenzie it better kick into gear soon, one can only assume that the computer is kicking McKenzie’s butt at solitaire and McGuire is saving on his blackberry roaming charges.

Seven o’clock five hours til the deadline, we’ll file another update in a few hours. Maybe Bob’s solitaire tournament will turn in his favour by then!

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