Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Really a simple BOO will Do!

Vancouver Police are investigating some rather unwanted fan mail directed to the Vancouver Canucks on Monday. Police officials are trying to determine what it is that caused the Hazardous Materials Unit to be called to GM Place, after an employee opened up an envelope with a letter that directed comments towards Canuck star Todd Bertuzzi.

Seven employees were quarantined for four hours, while the Haz Mat people did their thing, in an event classified as a level three hazardous material alert.

In the end, they were told that the substance could have been flour, perhaps rat poison at worst but still it made for a pretty unerving day at work for the folks on the front line in Canuckland.

They may wish to keep the mail at arms length for a few more days, the Canucks dropped their fourth game in a row on Monday night, dropping a 4-2 affair to the Dallas Stars.

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